iTeraCare | IteraBIO Lite

iTeraCare | IteraBIO Lite
A non invasive way to take control over your body's natural rejuvenation
What is iTeraBio Lite? iTeraBio Lite is a new version of our renowned foot massager, designed to provide comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation at an affordable price point. While it retains all the core functions of our current iTeraBio model, such as improving blood circulation and relieving tension, iTeraBio Lite offers a more budget-friendly option. Key Features of iTeraBio Lite:
New Design: We've given iTeraBio Lite a fresh, modern design that complements any space. Affordable Price Range: We are committed to making wellness accessible to all, and iTeraBio Lite reflects that vision. 
Comparison with iTeraBio: The iTeraBio Lite boasts all the functions of the iTeraBio, except for Negative Ion Emission and Sterilization and Deodorization. It provides the same soothing and invigorating foot massage experience, without these additional features.
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