iTeraCare | iTeraBio

iTeraCare | iTeraBIO Foot Massager
A non invasive way to take control over your body's natural rejuvenation
Experience the unparalleled capabilities of Terahertz waves. With its ability to release blockages and dispel cold and dampness, this energy promotes optimal wellness. Indulge in the energizing effects of Biosinusoidal Energy, which activates your body's cells and provides a natural energy boost. Bid farewell to muscle tension and discomforts with the restorative properties of graphene far-infrared technology. This cutting-edge technology rapidly increases your skin's surface temperature while enhancing blood circulation accelerating
  • The Spectral imaging effect of Terahertz waves can accurately detect cell abnormalities in human cells.
  • The Bio Sinusoidal energy resonates with human cells at the same frequency to activate cells and provide energy.
  • Graphene far-infrared ray rapidly increases the temperature of the skin surface, accelerates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and relieves pain.
This cutting-edge technology purifies the body, promotes metabolism, removes waste, clears blockages, detoxifies intestines, burns fat, clears toxins, firms the skin, and dispels cold and dampness.
iTera~Bio Specs: 
Product Model MLS-JC-02A
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output Power :300W
Anions >10,000,000 (10 million)
Dimension 371x379.5x212.5mm
Weight 4.6KG (10.14 lbs)